Bowling column for Tuesday, October 29, 2019
By: Bette Addington

–Golden Empire USBC’s 2019 Hall of Fame Inductees and Bowlers of the Year

The Golden Empire USBC would like to congratulate and announce our 2019 Hall of Fame Inductees:
Phil Cook – for Superior Performance
Tammy Sibley – for Superior Performance
Tim Henson – for both Superior Performance & Meritorious Service

And, our 2019 Bowlers of the Year:
Zack Newman & Gabriella Mayfield for Competitive Bowlers of the Year
Jesse DeLaHerran & Lorri Howell for Bowlers of the Year At Large

The GEUSBC Youth Committee will soon be selecting their Outstanding Youths of the Year.

Recipients will be recognized and awarded at the upcoming Awards Banquet tentatively scheduled for January, 2020 at the Eagles Hall downtown.

–Monday Ladies “Bowling Ball Analysis Night” a Hit

Always looking for something different to offer your league bowlers as President of the Monday Ladies league (formerly Tuesday Ladies Handicap), I came up with the idea to offer a Bowling Ball Analysis Night and asked Robb White if he would be interested and he said Yes! Over the years I’ve seen new bowlers start leagues either using a house ball or a hand-me-down bowling ball and see them get frustrated out on the lanes. I’ve always wanted to see if I could get something like this offered to them by someone who understands all levels of bowlers and types of bowling balls. Who better to ask than Robb White/Robb’s Pro Shop at AMF Southwest Lanes?

Monday Ladies league is comprised of ten teams of four ladies. This league has been in existence for over 25 years and is the only all-ladies night league in our association.

Mon., October 21, was the Bowling Ball Analysis Night and Robb set up his equipment in the meeting room and had bowlers come in one at a time and spent a good 15 minutes with each of them sizing them using a Jay Hawk ball that had measurement devices in it used with inserts. He first measured up the bowler’s current ball and then used the Jay Hawk ball fitter to compare. Robb purchased this from JayHawk Bowling Supply 25 years ago and uses it in his Pro Shop. He said the common problem areas he saw doing this Analysis was span adjustment/pitch change, hole size, and flexibility of the hand. We may not want to realize it, but with age, our hand just doesn’t sit in the ball like it used to! Well one league night of bowling was not enough time for Robb to get through all the ladies on our league so we finished up on October 28th. After all was said and done, Robb said a new ball would help some of the women and some of the women on the league are bowling with plastic balls and need to update with the new environment/lane conditions. He really did enjoy doing this and my league couldn’t be more grateful. He enjoyed the different age groups of our league and the many colorful nails and personalities! Robb also documented each participant’s measurements on a measurement sheet with their name on it that can be used when they purchase a new ball down the road.

Here’s some of the comments from the ladies in this league who participated in this Bowling Ball Analysis Night:

Team Don’s Tree Service—“When I win a new ball or buy a new ball, I can let you know how I benefit. I never knew how much measuring went into sizing a bowling ball! Thank you for taking the time to be so very precise with measuring, Robb!”—Laini Davis
“Will get this with a new ball. Mine was almost the same. Thanks!”—Donna Dial
“Found out that my span needs to be changed and my finger grips. Thank you Robb & Bette—this was a great idea!”—Patty Ward
Team 2—“Yes it was very helpful to understand where I can improve my game with different ball weight and span.”—Melissa Warren
“I had never seen how a ball was calibrated. My span is still the same ten years later.”—Amber Waybright
Team Pin Divas—“It was very helpful and took lots of time. He showed us a lot. No changes were needed.”—Donna Mathews
“Robb, I’m in your hands. It seemed better but until I can actually use a ball with the changes, not sure what else to say…would like to try.”—Linda Couser
“It was helpful to know my “go-to” grip is documented for future purchases.”—Jana Eastin
Team Europe—“Super helpful. I’m thinking about getting a new ball. Would love to talk to Robb a little more about it.”—Carol Townsend
Is it My Turn?—“Knowing that my ball is drilled correctly makes me realize that all errors are due to my throwing.”—Esther Martinez
Team That’s How We Roll—“It was nice to see how my ball was right on track for me.”—Amanda Gutierrez
“Took measurements and need a heavier ball.”—Jennifer Hart

After all ladies had a chance to get their bowling balls analyzed, we did a drawing of all that participated for one lucky gal to win a new bowling ball of her choice and the winner was Jo Flannigon from Team That’s How We Roll! Congratulations!!

–November is BVL Month

The BVL Tournament (both In-League and Tournament) are different as not only do you bowl in divisions based on your book but men bowl against men, women against women and the youth have their divisions and boys are against boys and girls against girls. If you don’t have a book average then your current average (with 21 games or more) will be used. Divisions are as follows for the adults:
Men: 191 & Over – Classic; 170-190 – A; 151-169 – B; 131-150 – C; 130 & under – D.
Women: 181 & Over – Classic; 166-180 – A; 151-165 – B; 136-150 – C; 121-135 – D; 120 & under – E.
Winners of each division will represent GEUSBC and bowl in the 2020 Helen Duval BVL State Classic Tournament on Sat., March 28th at Rancho Bowl in Santa Maria. So be in the lookout very soon for BVL In-league and Tournament dates!!

California has been the top state for BVL contributions the last several years thanks to your donations. Today there are 3.9 million disabled vets who have come back from battle with physical and emotional disabilities and many of these men and women suffer from PTSD and need the recreational services BVL provides to help them better cope with this frightening disorder. The Veteran’s Clinic here in Bakersfield on Westwind benefits from our donations to BVL. For further information about BVL, go to

–PBA Pro Bowling Video Games Debuts

Be the first on your lanes to get the PBA Pro Bowling licensed video game designed for gaming consoles and PCs in more than 30 years! This new PBA Pro Bowling game is for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Steam owners and allows gamers to interactively bowl against more than 15 PBA stars including Jason Belmonte, Jakob Butturff, EJ Tackett, Norm Duke and others with commentary provided by PBA announcers Rob Stone and Randy Pedersen.

To preview the game, view the trailer released by FarSight Studios at

The game is selling for $19.99 at launch. To place online orders, go to For more information about the numerous features included in the game and for high-resolution screen shots of the game, go to

–Local Bowling Centers

– What’s Up at The BLVD! – 3200 Buck Owens Blvd.,, 661/873-4477
Military Service (Active, Reserve, Retired, Law Enforcement, Fire & First Responders) get 15% off Food, Soft Beverages, Bowling, Laser Tag, Ropes Course & Arcade Play Every Day!
Live Music on the Patio – Every Friday from 6pm-8pm – FREE!
Sign Up for The BLVD!’s E Club, connect with them to get exclusive offers & updates. Join via their free WiFi or fill out a card today! (Like & follow @BLVDBAKERSFIELD.)
Monday-Thursday (Open-Close) $4.25/Game, per person
Friday (Open-5pm) $4.25/Game, per person
Friday (5pm-Close) $42/Hour, per lane*
Weekends (Open-Close) $42/Hour, per lane*
Shoes – $4/person—Socks – $2.50/pair
*Up to (6) people per lane

– AMF Southwest Lanes – 3610 Wible Road – 661/834-2695
Fall Leagues are underway. Drop by and see where there are openings.

Monday nights/6pm – Monday Ladies (formerly Tues. Ladies Handicap), started Sept. 9th. Openings for individuals or teams of four.

Wednesday nights/5:50pm – Gamblers Anonymous, Mixed league, started Oct. 16th.

Saturdays at 12 noon – Saturday Juniors youth league, started Sept. 7th.

Sundays – Bowlero Corp. Gives Back league (all donations will go to USBC’s Bowl for a Cure plus Bowlero will match your donation). Started on Sun., October 6, at 12:30pm. Four bowlers per team/3 games per week/12 weeks of bowling. Three levels to join—Bronze at $15 per week; Silver at $17 per week; or Gold at $21 per week.

– AMF Westchester Lanes – 1819 30th Street – 661/324-4966

– West Side Lanes – 500 Cascade Place, Bldg. D, Taft – 661/763-4246 or 765-6677

–Coffee Club Tee’s
Be the first on your pair of lanes to sport a new t-shirt designed by Coffee Club alumni Danielle Looney! Cost is just $20 each (or $25 if you want your name added) and they come in an array of colors. Personal message Danielle Looney on Facebook if you are interested.

–Weekly Super Scores
– Congratulations to Chris Gregory who bowled a 300 on Tues., Oct. 15, bowling in the Central Valley Masters Classic league at The BLVD.!
– Congratulations to Lenore Espinoza who broke the 700 barrier for the second time this season with a 704 on Tues., Oct. 8, bowling in the Mexican-American Mixed league at AMF Southwest Lanes. She had games of 193/279/232. Lenore is currently averaging 199!


Sun., Oct. 27: Coffee Club, 12 noon at AMF Southwest Lanes. This is the special monthly 9 Pin No Tap.

Thurs.-Sun., Oct. 31-Nov. 3: TNBA Western Regional, Tucson, AZ

Fri.-Fri., Nov. 1-15: BVL In-League Tournament. Enter the 2019 BVL tournament using your scores you bowl in your league. See a GEUSBC Director to get entered before your third frame of your first game.

Fri.-Sun., Nov. 1-3: PBA Mesa East Open, Mesa, AZ,

Sat., Nov. 2: West Coast Senior Tour Singles, SouthPoint, Las Vegas, 760/792-5711,

Sun., Nov. 3: Daylight Savings Ends/Fall back

Fri.-Sun., Nov. 8-10: 9th Pam Buckner Open, SouthPoint, Las Vegas,

Sat., Nov. 9: Silver Foxes Tournament, 10:30 check-in; bowl at 12, AMF Southwest Lanes, 559/381-0356

Sun., Nov. 17: Central Valley Masters Trios Tournament, squads at 9am & 1pm, AMF Southwest Lanes,
Bowling High Scores for Tues., Oct. 29, 2019

Bowling High Scores from AMF Southwest Lanes


290 – Jerry Barker; 289 – Matt Sanchez, Zack Newman; 280 – Justin Dean; 278 – Eric Siefert, Rick Bowman; 277 – Jesse DeLaHerran, Tim Henson; 276 – Donnie Gooding, Sonny Pollard; 270 – Aris Anadilla; 269 – Carlie Medina III; 268 – Charles Breeding, Gary Cole, Andrew Svoren; 266 – Clyde Benson; 265 – Kent Gray; 264 – James Morrow; 263 – Willie Dallas; 259 – Ron Erickson, Alex Garcia; 258 – Frank Walker; 257 – Mike Bost, Mike Severy, Kevin Harris, Chuck Grove, Brian Maurseth; 256 – Mike Morgan, Danny Lawrence, Robert Mayo; 255 – Chris Garcia, Zack Long; 254 – Buddy Binkley; 253 – Paul St. Laurent; 249 – Sean Ambrose; 248 – Jerry Pettiford, Mike Yorba; 247 – Nicholas Hicks, Bobby Fildes, Jason Sitton, Terry Isbell; 246 – Gilbert Alaniz, Mark Bess, Charles Gabriel, Ronald Nichols; 245 – Richard Thomas, Casey Lawrence, Stephan Smith, Nick Camba; 244 – John Gunsolus, Mike Hardwick, Darrel Barnes, Harold Salinas, Diz Francisco, Bobby Fildes; 243 – Rod Stratton; 242 – Joe Davin, Bill Young, Herman Phillips; 240 – Thomas Stancil; 239 – Ben Timpog; 237 – Nick Garcia; 236 – Arnold Espinoza, Zach Camo, Phil Cook, Doc Victor, Hobbes Ellis, Tom Beckett, Adam Sotelo, Mark Barnes, Albert Castellon; 235 – Ed Wheeldon, Antonio Avery, Herman Phillips, Tyson Holder; 234 – Eric Grider, Mike Maloy; 233 – James Morrow, Hector Zacarias, Hector Santiago, Mike Mayo, Gary Maccio, Russ Tweedy; 232 – Doug Heitman, Bill Bumacod, Andy Sanchez; 231 – Norris Richards; 230 – Kenneth Torbron

Youth Boys:
218 – Ben Regpala; 211 – Taylor DelTiempo; 203 – Deaken Kimbrell, Nolan Byers; 201 – Tristan Perham; 191 – Nickolas Hogan; 190 – Gabriel Regpala, Jr.; 171 – Clay Helton; 155 – Tarin Espinoza; 153 – Wyatt Dovell


779 – Zack Newman; 749 – Jesse DeLaHerran; 743 – Rick Bowman; 741 – Charles Breeding; 729 – Danny Lawrence; 723 – Terry Isbell; 716 – Robert Mayo; 706 – Jerry Barker; 703 – Sonny Pollard; 701 – Mike Morgan

Youth Boys:
573 – Tristan Perham; 563 – Ben Regpala; 517 – Deaken Kimbrell


279 – Lenore Espinoza; 259 – Becky Hardwick; 243 – Lisa Isbell, Irene Villalobos; 236 – Stacy Willard; 234 – Jana Eastin; 231 – Barb Francisco; 229 – Stephanie Sanders; 228 – Danielle Looney; 227 – Tracye Hicks; 225 – Bette Addington; 219 – Lorri Howell; 216 – Nancy Curran; 215 – Candy Sutton, Mary Jane Brust, Rose Heisser; 214 – Sherri Carter; 212 – Missy Lara, Cynthia Carr, Mylene Gabriel, Sherri Aud; 210 – Virginia Planck; 204 – Rita Smith; 202 – Lealga Fortson; 201 – Steph Winn; 200 – Dunisha Wright, Sue Wiggins

Youth Girls:
170 – Gabriella Hogan; 160 – Queona Reyes


704 – Lenore Espinoza; 657 – Becky Hardwick, Lisa Isbell; 623 – Irene Villalobos; 619 – Candy Sutton; 616 – Stephanie Sanders; 610 – Sherri Carter; 608 – Tracye Hicks

Youth Girls:
441 – Queona Reyes ; 432 – Gabriella Hogan

Bowling Scores from AMF Westchester Lanes
–No High Scores Reported–
Youth Boys:
Youth Boys:
Youth Girls:
Youth Girls:

Bowling Scores from The BLVD!


300 – Chris Gregory; 278 – Diz Francisco; 268 – Jackson Hering; 267 – Darin Fox; 263 – Zack Newman; 257 – Dan Long; 256 – Brian Maurseth; 255 – Donnie Apple; 254 – Mike Hefley, Jesse DeLaHerran; 253 – RJ Richardson; 247 – Ranny Wiggins; 246 – John Curtis; 244 – Greg Barraza, Jr.; 243 – Kent Gray; 241 – Eric Wisdom, James Cowan; 237 – Thomas Stancil, Frank Isbell, Zack Long; 236 – Robert Fox; 235 – Ian Byers, Alex Garcia; 234 – Rich Jones, Doc Victor; 233 – Andrew Svoren; 231 – Aris Anadilla


729 – RJ Richardson; 707 – Jackson Hering; 697 – Chris Gregory; 696 – Diz Francisco; 690 – Mike Hefley


236 – Lorri Howell; 229 – Ratthaj Kittipraphaphon; 226 – Stephanie Sanders; 214 – Joanne Grove; 212 – Patricia Alonso; 203 – Mylene Gabriel, Kira Sanders


619 – Lorri Howell; 618 – Stephanie Sanders

Bowling Scores from Mt. Mesa Lanes


268 – Jordan Clements; 258 – Ray Conner; 257 – Mike Clanton; 255 – John Runkle; 246 – Alan Clifton

Youth Boys High Games:
214 – Brady Mead; 170 – Braeden Ege; 166 – Josh Wesala


693 – John Runkle; 665 – Mike Clanton; 653 – Jordan Clements; 642 – Will Harman

Youth Boys High Series:
588 – Brady Mead; 461 – Braeden Ege; 451 – Josh Wesala


192 – Annette Pounds; 187 – Chris Mayfield; 182 – Sue Martin; 166 – Zelma Richardson; 165 – Becki Figeroa; 163 – Jessie Hassan

Youth Girls High Games:
204 – McKenna Powers; 113 – Taylor Salmon; 80 – Emery Ege


501 – Chris Mayfield; 485 – Annette Pounds; 469 – Sue Martin; 455 – Becca-Roo

Youth Girls High Series:
550 – McKenna Powers

Bowling High Scores from High Desert Lanes/Edwards Air Force Base


276 – Stephen Conner; 257 – Joseph Smith; 256 – Michael Storovich; 236 – Jeff Dodson; 234 – Damon Marshburn; 227 – Deric Birch; 225 – Todd Stinchfiled; 221 – Ken Tolentino; 215 – Joe Hendrix; 212 – Harry Banks; 211 – Joe Hunt; 210 – Charles Dupuis; 202 – Darryl Gaines


740 – Joseph Smith; 640 – Jeff Dodson


167 – Elaine Conner

Tournament Results:

–Coffee Club— SPECIAL NOTE: Sun., Oct. 27 is back at AMF Southwest Lanes, 12 noon, and this is the monthly 9 Pin No Tap —
Sun., Oct.. 27, 10am – Halloween Spooktacular
Mt. Mesa Lanes, Lake Isabella

Handicap Doubles: 1. Mike Stevenson & Mike Clanton (1944); 2. Joseph Smith & Lorri Howell (1913); 3. Andrew Svoren & Jill Putman (1868).

Handicap Singles: 1. Joseph Smith (1021); 2. Mike Clanton (988); 3. Andrew Svoren (970).

3-6-9 pot was missed. Carryover now at $565.

Strike Pot was drawn and hit by Alex Garcia (his only strike of the day!), good for $155.

Special thanks to Norris Richards for his continued help. And special thanks to Gabby and Dan for your hospitality for the month!

Don’t forget to contact Danielle Looney for your very own Coffee Club t-shirt!!

–Mt. Mesa Doubles Tournament
Sat., Oct. 26, 10am & 2pm
Mt. Mesa Lanes

1. Mike Bost & Zack Newman
2. Mike Clanton & David Renteria

–Coffee Club—
Sun., Oct. 20, 10am – Breast Cancer Awareness Day
Mt. Mesa Lanes, Lake Isabella

Handicap Doubles: 1. Chuck Grove & Dan Mayfield (1943); 2. Lorri Howell & Andrew Svoren (1905); 3. Josh Alexander & Thomas Stancil (1850); 4. Mike Stevenson & Billy Weeks (1827).

Handicap Singles: 1. Chuck Grove (1020); 2. Andrew Svoren* (1009); 3. Thomas Stancil (944).

*Another 300 game!

3-6-9 pot came down to Andrew Svoren but missed. Carryover at $515.

Strike Pot was drawn and hit by Dan Mayfield, good for $75. Carryover at $140.

Good time with great people! Thank you Gabby, Dan, and Norris Richards!

Coffee Club is on Sunday mornings at 12 noon at AMF Southwest Lanes. Cost to enter is $25 for 4 games, blind doubles draw. Optional high pots, singles, and 3-6-9. Handicapped and fun bowling with some great local bowlers! And, once a month, a No-Tap Tournament will be scheduled!!

**Strike Pot is a new game we started. It’s about purchasing raffle tickets for $5 each. During the second game we draw one ticket and that person must bowl a strike for the cash in the pot. If a strike isn’t bowled, then that person gets $10 and the amount is rolled over. If a person misses a week or more and chooses to participate for the total, they must pay $5 per week missed; if not, they only get amount raised that day if their ticket is drawn and they bowl a strike.

GET THEM WHILE THEY LAST!! Danielle Looney has created Coffee Club Tee’s!! She is selling them for $20 each and they are available in a variety of colors. You can also have your name put on them (it can be placed on the front below the logo or on the back across the shoulders) for a total cost of $25. If you would like to sport one of these, send Danielle Looney a message on Facebook and you are set!


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