Bowling column for Tuesday, November 26, 2019
By: Bette Addington


The notice came down from corporate last Tuesday that AMF Westchester Lanes would be officially closed at close of business day on Sun., November 24, 2019. Although it should not have been a shock to Bakersfield bowlers and they can’t say they didn’t see it coming, it was still met with sadness. There was always a hope. But there were signs. Last year around this time, the center was put up for sale. This was the first season that no leagues bowled in this 24-lane house. No more bowling tournaments were being held since most of the lanes had problems and were not able to be fixed. But there was always a hope. Since the center was up for sale, local bowlers were hoping to hear a private owner might buy it and put the needed money into the mechanics for the lanes and bring it back to life. The acrylic lanes and approaches were in good shape. Since Bakersfield lost Regency Lanes in December, 2017, there was that hope this center would fill the void. But it was not meant to be.

Sunday afternoon a group of local bowlers gathered at AMF Westchester Lanes one last time to visit their old stomping grounds and reminisce about this center when it was the place to bowl. Here’s some of the interesting information they shared:
–The leagues that this center was known for included Tuesday Men’s, Oriental Trios, Thursday Night Mixed, Wednesday Night Scratch at 9pm, State Farm, Stockdale Men’s on Thursday nights and Mexican-American league on Friday nights.
–Local bowlers that had memorable accomplishments include the Smith family (Tom, Veronica and Joe) who all had rolled 300 games here. Becky Hardwick bowled her first 300 game here. Charles Gabriel bowled his first 300 game here. Richard Pritzkau won a San Joaquin Bowling Club title here. Brian Cooper/Super Coop won his first SJBC title here. David McMahan and his dad, Gene, both won PCB (Pacific Coast Bowlers) titles here. John Whisler bowled his first 300 game in 1977 here on lanes 9-10 bowling in the Moose league. Jim Zimmerman bowled his first 300 game on lanes 3-4 competing in the SJBC in 1992. Alex Garcia bowled his first 800 back on April 7, 2006 with games of 299/268/278 for an 845. Zack Newman, Carlie Medina III and Bryan Reid all started as junior bowlers here. Andrew Svoren said he first bowled his youth league here and that’s where he met Zack and Jon Hamlin.
–Other interesting tidbits. Kent Gray shared that there was once a tournament here that was televised and his dad, Kenneth, was bowling in it. And, although his Dad didn’t win this event, he struck out and advanced by several people and was interviewed on TV and Kent was a young lad at home and saw the interview. John Whisler shared that he and many young bowlers started here including Leon Stroope, Cliff Arthurs, Mike Martoni and at that time they bowled in what was called the Youth AJBC (Amer. Jr. Bowling Congress) which became YABA.

Westchester Bowl was built in 1959 in the heart of Bakersfield on 30th St. near “F” in the Westchester neighborhood. It was originally owned by Pete Lokey & Jack Moore (who also owned the old Bakersfield Academy). They sold the center to Ed & Laura Malkin/Active West in the early 1980’s, who owned this center plus Southwest Lanes. When the Malcomb’s retired and moved to Nevada in 1998, AMF purchased both Westchester and Southwest Lanes. This location is also shared with Westchester Bowl Coffee Shop, known for having the best Fish and Chips in town. This eating establishment blended its seating on the concourse of the bowling center so those dining could watch bowlers on the lanes which was unique. Plus bowlers could easily order food and drinks while they bowled as well. This restaurant will remain open.

This new center was the first in town to have automatic scores with this massive printer/projection screen placed in the back in the middle of each two pairs of lanes and there was a trick to putting the paper in and push the pin in to get the scores printed out. And, this center featured automatic pin setters and were the quickest in town! The lanes and approaches were all wood and remained that way until the 1990’s. It also had a “Jiffy Bar” that was conveniently located close to the lanes so bowlers could get their drinks.

Throughout AMF Westchester Lanes 60 years, it has hosted quite a few events such as PCB (Pacific Coast Bowlers, West Coast Senior Tour, San Joaquin Bowling Club, and even hosted the State BVL (Bowlers to Veterans Link).

There was a pro shop in the early days tucked in the back behind the Nursery when you entered the south door that was ran by Harold Johnson, Urban Best & Joe Romeley.

Many popular leagues were started at this establishment including the Wed. Night Masters Scratch league, which bowled at 9pm, the Stockdale Men’s league on Thursday nights and Greg Barraza started the Tuesday Night Men’s Classic league. But leagues took a back seat to pot games! Every day pot games started at 2pm and went until around 5pm before night leagues started. That was for some, but other pot game zealots would start their pot game day at 10am at the Bakersfield Academy and then come to Westchester and continue through the night until daybreak because Westchester would stay open for them! One game cost $2 and two-three games cost $5. If you shot a 250 game on the nose, Westchester would pay you $2.50! (Cost to bowl at Westchester when it first opened was 25 cents per game.) The late Bud Hannaman moved Coffee Club which bowled on Sunday mornings from Skyline/Freddie’s Lanes in the mid-1980’s and Greg Moffett kept it going. This tournament is still taking place today every Sunday.

You could feel the excitement brought back into the center Sunday as the bowlers fed off each other’s stories and their individual accomplishments were remembered. Many fondly shared that Westchester was the center they shot their career first 300 game and even said what pair they rolled it on. For a little while this afternoon, the hope still glimmered, but as the time went by it faded. Now the center is completely closed off and removal of the lanes begins. What was once a thriving center is now gone.

–Black Friday Comes a Couple Weeks Early—Brunswick acquires EBI

Friday, November 15, social media was abuzz about EBI (Ebonite International) plant in Hopkinsville, KY, suddenly being closed and that the EBI was selling its assets to Brunswick. The acquisition includes the Ebonite, Hammer, Columbia 300 and Track brands. This came as a shock to the bowling world. It was also unfortunate time at the EBI plant in KY which displaced 171 EBI employees.

“There are a lot of people who lost their jobs as a result of Ebonite closing that plant,” said Corey Dykstra, Brunswick’s CEO. A decision EBI made after selling its assets to Brunswick. “They’ve got a long heritage, with a lot of credible products, and I want to be as sensitive as we can to the people who lost their jobs,” he said. “It is unfortunate that the timing came up right around the holidays.” EBI associates all the way down the EBI chain have been impacted.
For more on the acquisition, go to…/. sent out a notice on Nov. 21 that all Hammer, Columbia, Ebonite & Track Bowling Balls must go!

–GEUSBC BVL In-League & Roll-Off Tournament Dates Set

The 2019 GEUSBC Marge Langdon BVL Tournament will take place on Sun., December 15th with squads at 9am & 1pm, at AMF Southwest Lanes. The BVL In-League Tournament will be taking place before from Sun., December 1st thru Sat., December 14th. Check the Golden Empire USBC website ( or like them on Facebook “Golden Empire USBC” for updated information.

All local certified league bowlers be ready to be visited on your lanes when you bowl league for the BVL (Bowlers to Veterans Link) In-League Tournament. You can use your scores bowled that day or night in league to enter the 2019 GEUSBC BVL Tournament. The In-League Tournament is cheaper ($20) than the BVL Tournament ($30). Both options are open to league bowlers and you can enter as many times as you wish.

The BVL Tournament (both In-League and Tournament) are different as not only do you bowl in divisions based on your book but men bowl against men, women against women and the youth have their divisions and boys are against boys and girls against girls. If you don’t have a book average then your current average (with 21 games or more) will be used. Divisions are as follows for the adults:
Men: 191 & Over – Classic; 170-190 – A; 151-169 – B; 131-150 – C; 130 & under – D.
Women: 181 & Over – Classic; 166-180 – A; 151-165 – B; 136-150 – C; 121-135 – D; 120 & under – E.
Youth (Boy/Girl): 201 & Over – Classic; 180-200 – A; 155-179 – B; 130-154 – C; 105 – 129 – D; 104 & under – E.
Winners of each division will represent GEUSBC and bowl in the 2020 Helen Duval BVL State Classic Tournament on Sat., March 28th at Rancho Bowl in Santa Maria.

Also at the end of the In-League BVL Tournament, leagues that voted at the beginning of this season to go 100% for BVL and are donating $1, $2 or $5 per bowler, this money needs to be collected by the GEUSBC Director visiting your lanes to run the In-League Tournament.

California has been the top state for BVL contributions the last several years thanks to your donations. Today there are 3.9 million disabled vets who have come back from battle with physical and emotional disabilities and many of these men and women suffer from PTSD and need the recreational services BVL provides to help them better cope with this frightening disorder. The Veteran’s Clinic here in Bakersfield on Westwind benefits from our donations to BVL. For further information about BVL, go to

–CVM 4th “Christmas for Kids” – Sun., December 8th – AMF Southwest Lanes

Come one, come all and get in the Christmas spirit on Sun., December 8th, when the Central Valley Masters puts on their 4th “Christmas for Kids” Bowling Tournament/Fundraiser. Bowling tournament gets underway at 11am and entry fee is $25 for 3 games and tournament is handicapped (80% of 220). Top 10 will receive prizes. Tournament also features optional Cross-Over Doubles, Side Pots, Brackets and Best Ball Challenge will be available for cash prizes.

Youth bowlers are invited to participate as well and will have their own division.

Besides bowling the tournament a Raffle, Silent Auction and Craft Sale will be taking place. Something for everyone, whether you want to bowl or if you just want to drop by and contribute. All proceeds go to local kids for Christmas this year!

Bowlers who cannot attend and would like to donate to this event, all donations are greatly appreciated. For more information, contact John Curtis or any Central Valley Masters Director or go to

–Local Bowling Centers

– The BLVD! – 3200 Buck Owens Blvd.,, 661/873-4477
Military Service (Active, Reserve, Retired, Law Enforcement, Fire & First Responders) get 15% off Food, Soft Beverages, Bowling, Laser Tag, Ropes Course & Arcade Play Every Day!
Live Music on the Patio – Every Friday from 6pm-8pm – FREE!
Sign Up for The BLVD!’s E Club, connect with them to get exclusive offers & updates. Join via their free WiFi or fill out a card today! (Like & follow @BLVDBAKERSFIELD.)
Monday-Thursday (Open-Close) $4.25/Game, per person
Friday (Open-5pm) $4.25/Game, per person
Friday (5pm-Close) $42/Hour, per lane*
Weekends (Open-Close) $42/Hour, per lane*
Shoes – $4/person—Socks – $2.50/pair
*Up to (6) people per lane

– AMF Southwest Lanes – 3610 Wible Road – 661/834-2695,
Fall Leagues are underway. Drop by and see where there are openings.
Holiday Parties – Start planning an epic Bowling Bash today! Packages include: Unlimited bowling & shoe rental; Inventive menus & premium bar packages; Superior lane side service; Event planning professionals who will help you with all the details. Please speak with an event guru or visit
Kids Custom Party Packages – Start planning your child’s party today! Packages include: Bumper Bowling and lightweight balls; Birthday cake and unlimited soft drinks; Kid-Friendly menus; Easy online booking; Event planning professionals who will help you with all the details. Please speak to our event team or book online at

Upcoming League – GR8 Times Bowling Club, starts Monday, January 6, 2020, 6:30pm. 8-week league. 3 games per week. 3 people per team. Low weekly fee. Club T-Shirt. End-of-season Pizza Party. DV8 bowling ball for only $6 more per week.

– West Side Lanes – 500 Cascade Place, Bldg. D, Taft, 93268 – 661/763-4246 or 765-6677

– Mt. Mesa Lanes – 4612 McCray Road, Mt. Mesa, CA 93240 – 760/379-3131,
Tournament Club – 1st Sunday of each month
Coffee Club – 3rd Sunday of each month

– High Desert Lanes – 205 Fitzgerald Blvd., Edwards AFB, CA 93523 – 661/275-2695

–Coffee Club Tee’s
Be the first on your pair of lanes to sport a new t-shirt designed by Coffee Club alumni Danielle Looney! Cost is just $20 each (or $25 if you want your name added) and they come in an array of colors. Personal message Danielle Looney on Facebook if you are interested.

–Weekly Super Scores
– Congratulations to Robert Mayo on bowling his 15th career 300 game on Thurs., November 7, bowling in the Stockdale Open league at AMF Southwest Lanes.
– Boom! What a night of bowling coming from The BLVD! on Tues., November 12th bowling in the Central Valley Masters Classic league!!
First up congratulations and an unbelievable night from RJ Richardson who put together games of 280/300/279 for an 859 series. He was bowling with the Motiv Convert Tank ball. This was only RJ’s second career 300 (his first was early this year in July in Madera bowling the Central Valley Masters tournament), but this was his FIRST 800 series!
But there was more! Congratulations to Alex Garcia who also rolled a 300 that night which makes it his career 7th perfecto!
– Congratulations to Doc Victor on his career third 300 game bowled on Wed., November 13, bowling in the Las Vegas league at AMF Southwest Lanes.
– Viva Las Vegas! Our former Bakersfield bowlers who now reside in Vegas have been lighting up the lanes in Sin City.
Congratulations to Anthony Rose who bowled his FIRST career 800 on Sun., November 17 in his league at South Point putting together games of 255-296-268 for a nice 819. Two weeks earlier he added another 300 to his career so he looked at finally accomplishing this 800 as a “stepping stone” for his career. Besides the first 800 series feat, he also bowled 30 CLEAN frames to accomplish it! He credits his Storm Bowling Ride, drilled by Haynes Bowling Supply in Vegas.
Congratulations to GEUSBC Hall of Famer Roger Tilford for demonstrating to his Vegas league how a 300 game is bowled on Tues., November 19. Tilford ended with a 774 series and was bowling with a Columbia Swerve. This was his first 300 bowled in Vegas with many more to come!
– Congratulations to Robert Fox made the Top 5 and placed 2nd this past Sun., November 24, in the Visalia Masters Tournament of Champions and won $280. His games were 217/215/213/247/238 for 1130. Only 26 pins from taking the title which was won by Mario Ortez.
– Chuck Grove has been on a 300 tour. He just was recognized for a 300 he bowled back on Oct. 29th in the Central Valley Masters league at The BLVD! Well this Mon., November 25, he bowled a 300 game bowling in the Monday Men’s league at Mt. Mesa Lanes! Congratulations Chuck!! He was bowling with the Motiv Jackal Ghost. One more stop……


Wed., Nov. 27: Thanksgiving Eve Any Mix Handicap Doubles Tourn., 7pm, Foothill Lanes, Fontana, 909/922-9900

Thurs., Nov. 28: Thanksgiving Day 8 Gamer, 9am, Action Lanes, El Monte, 626/350-8831

Thurs.-Sat., Nov. 28-30: XFrame 8k Thanksgiving Tournament, Cal Bowl, Lakewood, 909/702-3369

Fri., Nov. 29: Black Friday No-Tap 5 Gamer (Handicap & Scratch Singles), 1:30pm, AMF Rocklin Lanes, 916/521-3524

Sat., Nov. 30: Best of the West Mega Doubles (50 & under teamed with 50 & over) 8 Gamer, 10am, West Valley Bowl, Tracy, 209/835-5262

Sat., Nov. 30: 6 Games Scratch Classic, Riverside Lanes, Laughlin, 1/888/590-2695

Sat. & Sun., Nov. 30-Dec. 1: CBT, Sunset Station, Las Vegas, 661/418-8007,

Sun., Dec. 1: 39th Big Swiss Tournament, 9am, Earl Anthony’s Dublin Bowl, 209/304-0964,

Sun., Dec. 1: Application deadline for USBC Youth Scholarships (Alberta Crowe & Chuck Hall Stars of Tomorrow, Earl Anthony Memorial),

Sun., Dec. 1-Sat., Dec. 14: Golden Empire USBC In-League BVL Tournament open to all certified local league bowlers, 661/623-5707 or 661/204-1484

Sat., Dec. 7: 2nd Bowlium House Shot 5 Gamer, 1pm, Bowlium, Montclair, 909/450-9415

Sat. & Sun., Dec. 7-8: West Coast Senior Tour Singles, Riverside Casino, Laughlin, 760/792-5711,

Sun., Dec. 8: 4th Central Valley Masters’ “Christmas for Kids” Tournament/Fundraiser, 11am, AMF Southwest Lanes,

Sun., Dec. 8: Bakersfield 500 Club Christmas Tournament, check-in after 12 noon, AMF Southwest Lanes, 661/747-9101

Sun., Dec. 8: Golden Empire USBC Special Board Meeting, 3pm, AMF Southwest Lanes

Sun., Dec. 8: B&B’s Scratch 8 Gamer, 10am, Bowlium, Montclair, 909/450-9415

Sun., Dec. 8: Closing entry deadline for Average Joe Tournament Handicap & Scratch Doubles (12/21 in Vegas), 661/240-7879

Sun., Dec. 8: HammerPins Open 8 Gamer, Travis Bowl, Travis AFB,

Sun., Dec. 8: Scratch Mini Peach, 11am, McHenry Bowl, Modesto, 209/571-2695

Sun., Dec. 8: NCJET, 10am, Yosemite Lanes, Modesto,

Sun., Dec. 15: Golden Empire USBC BVL Tournament, squads at 9am & 1pm, AMF Southwest Lanes
Bowling High Scores for Tues., Nov. 26, 2019

Bowling High Scores from AMF Southwest Lanes


300 – Robert Mayo, Doc Victor; 289 – Rick Bowman; 279 – Charles Gabriel, Carlie Medina III; 278 – Frank Isbell; 277 – Donicio Abarquez; 269 – Andrew Svoren, Zack Newman; 268 – Ron Erickson, Hobbes Ellis; 267 – Jesse DeLaHerran, Charles Breeding, Bill Young; 265 – Alex Garcia, Bobby Fildes; 264 – Glenn Yeoman; 263 – Mark Bess, Mike Hardwick; 257 – Diz Francisco, Frank Walker; 256 – Sonny Pollard, Eric Siefert, Matt Sanchez; 255 – Mike Yorba; 254 – Eric Grider; 253 – Justin Dean, Mike Maloy; 248 – Greg Hernandez, Phil Cook, Sean Ambrose, Kent Gray, Andy Sanchez, Aris Anadilla, Thomas Stancil; 247 – Richard Maertz; 246 – Adam Sotelo, James Morrow, Billy Weeks, Tom Griffith, Louie Vasquez; 244 – John Gunsolus; 243 – Casey Wood, Kevin Harris; 242 – Ted Cozby; 241 – Chris Garcia, Paul Taniguchi; 240 – Chad Green; 237 – Jason Sitton, Jeffery Hanson, Scott Collins, Tyson Holder, Mike Bost; 235 – Ray Neubig, Kelly Carder, Greg Owens, Jr., Joe Cantu, Mike Carpenter; 234 – Russ Tweedy, Allen Hunter, Norris Richards, Joe Davin, Keith Bowman; 233 – Zach Camp; 232 – Richard Thomas, Paul St. Laurent, Zack Long, Jaylen Juarez; 231 – Roy Langley; 230 – Ronald Nichols

Youth Boys:
209 – Jacob Wiggins; 202 – Tristan Perham; 190 – Deaken Kimbrell; 188 – Gabriel Regpala, Jr.


743 – Carlie Medina III; 738 – Andrew Svoren; 731 – Zack Newman; 730 – Jesse DeLaHerran; 725 – Robert Mayo; 710 – Eric Siefert; 705 – Mark Bess, Mike Hardwick; 702 – Chris Garcia

Youth Boys:
526 – Jacob Wiggins; 518 – Tristan Perham; 488 – Gabriel Regpala, Jr.


277 – Becky Hardwick; 255 – Lisa Isbell; 244 – Stephanie Sanders; 243 – Lauren Davin; 236 – Missy Lara; 235 – Barb Francisco; 234 – Danielle Looney, MaryKay Stolting; 225 – Jana Eastin; 222 – Keri Bost; 218 – Sheila Gray, Teresa Brooks; 215 – Karen Polyniak; 214 – Irene Villalobos, Lorri Howell; 213 – Sue Wiggins; 211 – Nancy Weber; 206 – Shayla Phillips-McPherson, Janet Cook; 204 – Debra Bowman, Bette Addington; 202 – Vickie Sarceda

Youth Girls:
171 – Queona Reyes; 164 – Gabriella Hogan


676 – Becky Hardwick; 668 – Lisa Isbell, Stephanie Sanders; 631 – Barb Francisco; 612 – Jana Eastin; 603 – Lealga Fortson

Youth Girls:
488 – Queona Reyes; 437 – Gabriella Hogan

Bowling Scores from The BLVD!


300 – RJ Richardson, Alex Garcia; 279 – Zack Newman ; 272 – Joey Valenzuela; 269 – Dan Long, Greg Barraza, Jr.; 267 – James Cowan, Robert Fox; 266 – Andrew Svoren; 264 – Zack Long, Ranny Wiggins; 262 – Don Snow; 258 – Jesse DeLaHerran; 256 – Rupert Gregorio; 255 – Donnie Apple; 248 – Chris Gregory; 247 – Tim Henson; 245 – Cameron Isbell; 244 – John Curtis; 243 – Chuck Grove; 242 – Jackson Hering; 237 – Ramon Valdez, Darin Fox; 233 – Ian Byers, Thomas Stancil; 232 – Dwight Dixon


859 – RJ Richardson; 760 – Andrew Svoren; 759 – Alex Garcia; 737 – Zack Newman; 707 – Zack Long; 703 – Jesse DeLaHerran


244 – Lorene Elijah; 214 – Mylene Gabriel; 212 – Lorri Howell; 207 – Ratthaj Kittipraphaphon; 205 – Stephanie Sanders; 204 – Sue Wiggins; 201 – Joanne Grove


616 – Mylene Gabriel; 580 – Ratthaj Kittipraphaphon

Bowling Scores from Mt. Mesa Lanes


300 – Chuck Grove; 289 – Ray Conner; 279 – David Renteria; 259 – Andrew Svoren; 257 – Mike Stevenson; 256 – Dan Mayfield

Youth Boys High Games:
202 – Braeden Ege; 163 – Josh Wesala, Brady Mead


763 – Chuck Grove; 743 – Andrew Svoren; 707 – Dan Mayfield

Youth Boys High Series:
507 – Braeden Ege; 460 – Brady Mead


228 – Renea Liske; 202 – Jill Putman; 195 – Becca-Roo; 188 – Paula Wells; 182 – Mary Marcy; 181 – Cindy Anderson

Youth Girls High Games:
139 – Taylor Salmon; 88 – Emery Ege


565 – Renea Liske; 535 – Jill Putman; 521 – Becca-Roo

Youth Girls High Series:
275 – Taylor Salmon; 221 – Emery Ege

Bowling High Scores from High Desert Lanes/Edwards Air Force Base


268 – Brad Kizzer; 265 – Joseph Smith; 234 – Courtney Phillips; 231 – Norman Bushrod; 206 – Jerry Longmire; 204 – Earl Gutierrez; 203 – Darryl Gaines


Tournament Results:

–Coffee Club–
Sun., Nov. 24, 12 noon
AMF Southwest Lanes

Handicap Doubles: 1. Tony Moody & Scott Collins (1821); 2. Andrew Svoren & Jeanie Graham (1809).

Handicap Singles: 1. Tony Moody (931); 2. Andrew Svoren (901).

3-6-9 pot came down to Andrew Svoren, but missed. Carryover now at $750.

Strike Pot was drawn by Thomas Stancil, but missed, good for $10. Carryover at $20.

Can never give enough thanks to road dog, Norris Richards, for making everything run smoothly every time!

Don’t forget to contact Danielle Looney for your very own Coffee Club t-shirt!!

–Central Valley Masters Trios Tournament–
Sun., Nov. 17, 9am & 1pm
AMF Southwest Lanes

1st – “David King” (2825) (David King, Kevin Roberts & Robby Britton) – Merced
2nd – “CJC” (2804) (Ken Cooper, Miesha Carter & George Jones – Alameda
3rd – “More Fingers” (2789) (Robby Britton, Seth Montgomery & Cameron Gralrone – Clovis
4th – “Chuck Grove” (2764) (Chuck Grove, Joanne Grove & Kevin Hale) – Bakersfield
5th – “Beast Mode 2” (2762) (Michael Mees, Stephen Ballard, Jr. & Stephen Ballard, Sr.) – Manteca
6th tie– “Gabriel” (2747) (Charles Gabriel, Zack Long & Zack Newman) – Bakersfield
7th tie– “Beast Mode 3” (2747) (Mike Mees, Doug Stockton, Stephen Ballard, Sr.) – Manteca

Total of 44 teams/132 bowlers. Paid out (7) spots.

–50th Cal State Senior Open Championships 2019
Oct. 19-20 thru Nov. 16-17
Modesto USBC
(Unofficial results thru Nov. 11) – Golden Empire USBC Bowlers

Team A, Handicapped:
9th place – “D & H” (Dunn & Helton) – 2,782

Team B, Handicapped:
15th place – “3 Lefts and a Right” – 2,742
25th place – “Team Isbell” – 2,724

Doubles B, Handicapped:
21st place – Sonny Pollard & Charles Breeding – 1,408

Singles A, Handicapped:
19th place – Jack Dunn – 727

Singles B, Handicapped:
5th (tie) – Charles Breeding – 753
– Aris Anadilla – 753
20th place – Phil Cook – 722

Singles C, Handicapped:
3rd place Kenneth Torbron – 776

All Events A, Handicapped:
17th place – Sonny Pollard – 2,103
26th place – Jack Dunn – 2,067

All Events B, Handicapped:
7th place – Charles Breeding – 2,179

Coffee Club is on Sunday mornings at 12 noon at AMF Southwest Lanes. Cost to enter is $20 for 4 games, blind doubles draw. Optional high pots, singles, and 3-6-9. Handicapped and fun bowling with some great local bowlers! And, once a month, a No-Tap Tournament will be scheduled!!

**Strike Pot is a new game we started. It’s about purchasing raffle tickets for $5 each. During the second game we draw one ticket and that person must bowl a strike for the cash in the pot. If a strike isn’t bowled, then that person gets $10 and the amount is rolled over. If a person misses a week or more and chooses to participate for the total, they must pay $5 per week missed; if not, they only get amount raised that day if their ticket is drawn and they bowl a strike.

GET THEM WHILE THEY LAST!! Danielle Looney has created Coffee Club Tee’s!! She is selling them for $20 each and they are available in a variety of colors. You can also have your name put on them (it can be placed on the front below the logo or on the back across the shoulders) for a total cost of $25. If you would like to sport one of these, send Danielle Looney a message on Facebook and you are set!


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