Bowling column for Tuesday, April 28, 2020
By: Bette Addington

–C is the Word

Come back is the “C” word for bowlers currently. With Winter leagues suspended and waiting to hear when possibly the centers might re-open, it is anybody’s guess how everything will turn out. Some of the Winter leagues have talked to their team captains and decided to end their season on the last day/night they were able to bowl. Cuts the heck out of money returned to each league bowler and also doesn’t give any teams who were close to taking over first place to ever know if they could/would. Sweepers are gone. And what a mess for your league secretary as some league members have paid for the entire season so they need to be reimbursed. Then practically everyone has paid their last two weeks so that, too, needs to be reimbursed. It’s crazy!

Then some Winter leagues are trying to ride this out and centers like AMF Southwest Lanes, are allowing these leagues to come back when they can finally reopen and finish their leagues. Summer leagues would have been started by now, but AMF Southwest Lanes is willing to hold off Summer leagues for Winter leagues to do this. And, in addition to that, AMF Southwest Lanes is allowing Winter leagues returning to finish 50% off lineage to do so! Can’t ask for more than that IF the centers reopen SOON. The latest information on AMF Southwest Lanes is that are awaiting to hear what our Governor and our local Health & Safety say so at this point, it is to be determined.

This week’s question was posed to local bowlers on when they think local centers will be reopening and here’s the responses I got:

“Really hard to say. There seems to be a want to open everything but not knowing when it is safe to do so.”—Randall Carter

“This is a really scary thing to reopen. We have to ask ourselves…when is it safe enough? Will it ever be truly safe enough? Unless they come up with a vaccine to cure the virus, or prevent it, it may never be truly safe enough.”—Corby Tillett

“I would wait at least until things get better as for the alley’s, think six feet apart, clean hands every thirty minutes, face masks were on for three hours….it’s going to be hard. I would say June. I’ve already lost two good friends. Let’s be safe, better than sorry. Bless all.”—Nick Camba

“Locally, I would think June may see the opening of the alleys. May is supposed to be unseasonably warm in early May. With the heat, and the already declining numbers of infected, I think one more month and we will start to see more restrictions lifted.”—Jana Richardson

“When the Governor says they can open. Even then, may be some restrictions.”—Greg Barraza, Jr.

“I believe Southwest will probably be open by the end of May. From what I hear, the remodeling is going good but the center is a mess. Robb said his Pro Shop is pretty much done.”—Mike Yorba

AMF Southwest Lanes issued this statement, “Your health and safety are important to us, which is why, out of an abundance of caution, we are closing our centers across the country beginning March 17th to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We want you to have fun, but your safety is our first priority. We appreciate your understanding and support during this time.”

Scheduled time to re-open TBD. AMF Southwest Lanes is also welcoming back all winter leagues to finish their season when they re-open. Summer leagues (that were supposed to start April 20th) will now begin after Winter leagues can return and finish their last week.

–League Play Info from USBC Rules

USBC considers the coronavirus as an emergency and, therefore, the unanimous consent of all team captains (Rule 122) requirement for leagues to change the schedule does not apply. The decision to change the schedule may be made by a majority of the votes cast by the league board of directors (officers and team captains).

The league, before a decision is made regarding the league schedule, must come to an agreement with the bowling center management concerning the league contract. Verbal or written, the league has a contract. Whether the center is closed by choice or because of governmental restrictions, league officers should contact the center before any league decision regarding a change in schedule is made.

The league needs to know if the center is going to charge lineage fees for the balance of the contract. Once the league has an agreement with the center, the league board of directors (officers and team captains) has a couple of options to consider. The decisions may be made via email, text, or phone or conference call during this difficult time.

  1. Postpone the schedule and complete the league at a later date.
    Some bowlers may choose to withdraw; USBC will not hold bowlers accountable for the fees required in Rule 114a. Any prepaid fees must be returned fully to a withdrawing bowler and should be done immediately. The bowler(s) also is entitled to a pro-rated share of the prize fund based on the number of weeks paid.
  2. Cancel the league schedule.
    All prepaid fees must be returned to the rightful bowlers. The standings are final as of the date the league decides to cancel. If the center charges lineage for the balance of the contract, it is deducted from the league prize fund. The league board of directors must also decide how the prize list will be adjusted.
    For split season leagues, because of the inability to hold a playoff, the league board may declare co-champions and divide any additional playoff money equally among teams in the playoff.

–2020 USBC Open & Women’s Championships Start Dates Postponed Again

USBC Open Championships that are being held at the newly-remodeled National Bowling Stadium in Reno, NV and originally were to take place from March 21-July 5th are now POSTPONED to September 12 – November 21.

USBC Women’s Nationals that are being held at SouthPoint in Las Vegas, NV and originally were to take place from April 18-July 5th are now POSTPONED to September 19-October 18.

In addition to this, format has been modified so that only one team is on a pair of lanes and shorter daily squad time (no early morning or late night squads). For more information on scheduling, go to

–USBC Suspends Team USA Programs for 2020

With the uncertainty related to the COVID-19 pandemic, USBC decided to suspend Team USA Programs for 2020 which includes Junior Gold Championships. However, all 2020 Team USA and Junior Team USA members, if they remain age-eligible, automatically will be place on their respective 2021 teams.

–BVL Reminds Not to Forget Disabled Vets & Active Vets that require VA Services

With this many weeks logged up of quarantine, remember those disabled Vets and active Vets that require VA services and many are not getting their much-needed help. Maybe consider writing a few cards to our local VA Clinic to let the Vets “in there” know someone “out there” is thinking of them.

–USBC Proposes Adjusted Specification for Bowling Ball Hardness

After conducting recent research and performing field tests on bowling balls used in competition, the USBC proposes adjusting the specification for ball hardness to 73D for all models.

Manufacturers will be asked to discontinue additional production of models previously approved below the 73D hardness by July 31, 2021. USBC is also inviting a comment period for manufacturers through June 1, 2020 on this proposed change.

–USBC Cancels 2020 National Convention

On April 21, the USBC Board of Directors approved a special resolution to cancel the 2020 USBC Convention (scheduled for Apr. 27-30 at The Orleans in Las Vegas) and postpone the Annual Meeting until 2021 because of the COVID-19 public health restrictions.

As part of this resolution, the proposed amendments for the 2020 Annual Meeting will be decided by Delegates at the 2021 Annual Meeting. The legislative process for the 2021 Annual Meeting does not change as members may request any bylaws or playing rules changes in writing to USBC by September 1, 2020.

Congratulations to BPAA Vice President Jim Decker, owner of Double Decker Lanes in Rohnert Park, CA, who was selected by BPAA to serve as its representative on the USBC Board. His term starts Aug. 1, 2020.

–CUSBC Cancels 2020 State Convention and Upcoming Tournaments

On April 23, the CUSBC Board met and decided to also cancel the 2020 CUSBC State Convention (scheduled for Jun. 13-14 in Fresno).

In addition, they decided to cancel the 2020 CUSBC Youth State Championships (scheduled for three weekends in July at Forest Lanes in Lake Forest). Also, the 2020 CUSBC Diddy Watts Youth State Singles (scheduled for June 27-28 & Aug. 8-9) is cancelled.

And, the CUSBC Senior Singles Tournament (scheduled for Aug. 20-23 in San Diego) is cancelled. Plus the CUSBC State Singles Tournament (scheduled for Oct. 17-18 in Yuba City) is cancelled.

The plan is to reschedule all of the 2020 events with the same centers in 2021, if possible.
“Our top concern is the health and safety of our members and families. We thank you for your commitment to our organization, value your membership, and look forward to seeing everyone out on the lanes very soon.” CUSBC Board of Directors,

–Statement from Golden Empire USBC President Zack Long

Dear Golden Empire USBC Membership:

During a GEUSBC Board Meeting held on April 22, 2020, the Board of Directors decided to POSTPONE two events until the next bowling season due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. Events include:

  • Open, Women, Senior & Youth Championships (City Tournament)
  • 2019-2020 Season Annual Membership Meeting

We fully intend on having a General Membership Meeting once restrictions get lifted to update the membership on local, state & national USBC matters.

Please email, text or call me if you have any questions or concerns. I appreciate everyone’s patience through this difficult time. Hopefully we will be getting back on the lanes soon! Stay safe and healthy everyone!—Zack Long,, 661/623-5707

–3 NEW BJI Podcasts Focus on Pandemic

BJI Editor Gianmarc Manzione has been talking to numerous people in the industry in preparing coronavirus reports and has transformed three of those interviews into podcasts:

Kevin Krauss—Sec. of BPAA, a second-generation proprietor whose family has been in the bowling business for 65 years, owns and operates two bowling centers in Florida’s Tampa Bay area speaks on the impact of the pandemic on his business.

Kim Adler—USBC Hall of Famer and PWBA Tour legend has been a nurse practitioner since 2011. Adler happens to be performing her duties as a nurse in her state of Florida. She never thought she one day would be battling a 100-year pandemic when she signed up to be a nurse.

–What’s Taking Place? What’s Cancelled??

To help bring you up to speed on what has been nationally cancelled or postponed indefinitely, here’s what we know:

–ISC/ITC Sectionals—postponed indefinitely
–USBC Senior Queens—postponed indefinitely
–USBC Masters—postponed indefinitely
–USBC Convention—cancelled
–PWBA Tour—postponed indefinitely
–USBC Queens—postponed indefinitely
–PBA Tour – scheduled to start April 6, status—on hiatus indefinitely
–Super Senior Classic—postponed until later this year
–USBC Senior Masters—postponed until later this year
–USBC Senior Championships—postponed to 2021
–PBA World Series of Bowling Finals (Storm PBA XI Animal Pattern Champ.) – postponed indefinitely (Fox Sports is planning multiple re-broadcasts of PBA World Champ, PBA Tourn. of Champions & Roth-Holman PBA Doubles Champ. finals on FS1 and FS2 (check your local listings for dates and times).
–PBA Playoffs—postponed
–PBA League Draft—postponed
–Intercollegiate Team & Singles Championships—cancelled
–2020 USBC Open & Women’s Championships—extended tentative start date to Sept. 12 for Open; Sept. 19 for Women’s. If you wish to withdraw from any of these events, contact 888/910-2695.
–Bowl Expo scheduled for July 2-6 in Aurora, Colorado—cancelled
–TNBA 2020 National Championship Tournament scheduled from Aug. 6-17, Las Vegas—cancelled
–TNBA 2020 National Convention scheduled for Aug. 10-11, Las Vegas—still scheduled

The following events are currently still planned as scheduled:
–USA Bowling National Championships – cancelled
–Youth Open Championships – cancelled
–USBC Junior Gold Championships – cancelled

For local tournaments, check my calendar at the end of this column on what has been cancelled to date.

–GEUSBC 2020 City Championships, originally scheduled for April 18-19 & April 25-26–CANCELLED

–PBA Bowling Action at Home

With league bowling non-existent for the near future, and you miss the competition of bowling, here’s a couple options. Why not try the “PBA Bowling Challenge” for mobile devices, or the new “PBA Pro Bowling” game for consoles and mobile devices? Concrete Software’s “PBA Bowling Challenge” can be downloaded at no cost at Google Play of the App Store. Millions of users currently enjoy the challenges of bowling in a variety of tournaments making equipment choices and competing for a wide range of venues.

“PBA Pro Bowling” is a newer, virtual game, offering players multi-player and tournament options. It is offered for XboxOne, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Steam platforms for $19.99. To learn more, visit:

–Local Bowling Centers

  • The BLVD! – CLOSED!!–3200 Buck Owens Blvd.,, 661/873-4477
    Military Service (Active, Reserve, Retired, Law Enforcement, Fire & First Responders) get 15% off Food, Soft Beverages, Bowling, Laser Tag, Ropes Course & Arcade Play Every Day!
    Live Music on the Patio – Every Friday from 6pm-8pm – FREE!
    Sign Up for The BLVD!’s E Club, connect with them to get exclusive offers & updates. Join via their free WiFi or fill out a card today! (Like & follow @BLVDBAKERSFIELD.)
    Monday-Thursday (Open-Close) $4.25/Game, per person
    Friday (Open-5pm) $4.25/Game, per person
    Friday (5pm-Close) $42/Hour, per lane*
    Weekends (Open-Close) $42/Hour, per lane*
    Shoes – $4/person—Socks – $2.50/pair
    *Up to (6) people per lane
  • AMF Southwest Lanes – CLOSED –3610 Wible Road – 661/834-2695, Planned re-opening TBD.
    Hours of Operation
    Mondays – 4pm-10pm
    Tuesdays – 4pm – 11pm
    Wednesdays – 12 noon-11pm
    Thursdays – 4pm – 10pm
    Fridays – 10am – 1am
    Saturdays – 11am – 1am
    Sundays – 12 noon – 1am Parties – Start planning an epic Bowling Bash today! Packages include: Unlimited bowling & shoe rental; Inventive menus & premium bar packages; Superior lane side service; Event planning professionals who will help you with all the details. Please speak with an event guru (661/834-2695, option #2) or visit
    Kids Custom Party Packages – Start planning your child’s party today! Packages include: Bumper Bowling and lightweight balls; Birthday cake and unlimited soft drinks; Kid-Friendly menus; Easy online booking; Event planning professionals who will help you with all the details. Please speak to our event team or book online at
    Become a MVB (Most Valuable Bowler) and get up to $20 in FREE bowling. Learn more at

ROBB’S PRO SHOP (inside AMF Southwest Lanes) – CLOSED!!–661/833-2695:
Hours of Operation
Mondays – 4pm-8pm
Tuesdays – 4pm – 8pm
Wednesdays – 12 noon – 8pm
Thursdays – 4pm – 8pm
Fridays – 12 noon – 8pm
Saturdays – 12 noon – 4pm
Sundays – Closed

  • West Side Lanes – CLOSED!!–500 Cascade Place, Bldg. D, Taft, 93268 – 661/763-4246 or 765-6677
  • Mt. Mesa Lanes – CLOSED but OPEN for To-Go Food (Wednesday-Monday)!–4612 McCray Road, Mt. Mesa, CA 93240 – 760/379-3131,
    Tournament Club – 1st Sunday of each month
    Coffee Club – 3rd Sunday of each month
  • High Desert Lanes – CLOSED!!–205 Fitzgerald Blvd., Edwards AFB, CA 93523 – 661/275-2695


Sat., Mar. 21: USBC Open Nationals, National Bowling Stadium, Reno, NV—POSTPONED TO Sept. 12 – Nov. 21.

Sat., Apr. 18: USBC Women’s Nationals, SouthPoint, Las Vegas—POSTPONED TO Sept. 19 – Oct. 18.

Sat., Apr. 25: The David Marcus Thumbs Up 1st annual Golf Tournament, Riverlakes Golf Course—POSTPONED UNTIL GOLF COURSE SELECTS NEW DATE.
Arlene – 661/205-1478.

Sat., Apr. 26: San Joaquin Bowling Club Tournament — CANCELLED
Sun., Apr. 26: PWBA, Cactus Bowl, Tucson, AZ—CANCELLED

Sun., Apr. 26: Scratch 6 Gamer, 12 noon, Yosemite Lanes, Modesto—CANCELLED?

Mon., Apr. 27-Thurs., Apr. 30: 2020 USBC National Convention & Annual Meeting, The Orleans, Las Vegas—CANCELLED

Thurs., Apr. 30: Deadline to enter IBMA $5,000 Chuck Pezzano Media Scholarship,

Sat., May 9: Silver Foxes Tourn., 10:30am check-in; bowl at 12 noon, Black Oak Lanes, Sonora, 559/381-0356–CANCELLED


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