Bowling column for Tuesday, March 31, 2020
By: Bette Addington

–C is the Word

Coping is the “C” word for bowlers at this point. Bowling leagues is not only a competitive thing for us to do but socializing with everyone at the Center is part of what league bowlers do. Hope all of you are keeping your social distancing going and finding creative ways to help the days go by to when we can return to our regular daily routines. Check in with friends via texts, messaging or phone calls. It means so much in these times. And try to keep some sort of exercise routine going to help keep yourself in shape. There’s more to life than sitting in front of the TV. Dust those bikes off and go for a ride. Walk your dog. Meet your neighbors on your street. Set a goal everyday and work to accomplish it.

Here’s the feedback I got from those who responded when I asked for what they are doing to occupy their time with no league bowling. Thank you to all that took the time to respond. Stay healthy!

“You were asking what we are doing while off? I have painted all but two rooms in my house with fresh paint, painted one mural in the grandkids playroom here, painted a dresser, bookcase and a BB8 Star Wars painting in a frame for my grandson and touched up the bathroom cabinets and all the baseboards…on to do the other rooms this week…And, I have things at my house for my clients to paint…Never had much time to get all this done…well that sure has changed!”
–Barb Francisco

“So I’m still working only half days, Monday thru Friday. And when I’m home I’m watching old bowling shows and old bowling videos of Tony, Robert and even Don Johnson and praying we will be getting back to normal really soon as I’m missing bowling bad!”
–Ed Godbout, San Jose

“I’ve just been working from home and play the PBA Pro Bowling game on PlayStation. Also doing some work for the Association.”
–Zack Long, President, Golden Empire USBC

“A little golf and Netflix/Ozarks, the 100 when I’m home and I’m currently still having to go to work thankfully. Miss all of you!”
–Charles Gabriel

“During this time of no bowling I have been looking for work now that the prison is closing, and I will be unemployed as of May 1st. Also, have been recovering from a cold (tested and negative for the virus).”
–Brian Maurseth

“Daily exercise routine which includes running by Bette’s house to grab fresh picked lemons left out for the neighborhood.”
–Nancy Curran

“Building a storage shed in the back yard!”
–Dan Robison

“Time for me is in the sewing room making masks, helping with my grandsons as their parents are essential workers. Spring cleaning. And hoping to find a way to extend our bowling season. Sent (19) masks to Adventist Health, friends & family. Good friend’s father is ill, made some for him for when he leaves for appointment, making some for school workers and one of my Home Depot friends—all connected to our bowling community. I am charging no one.”
–Mary Jane (MJ) Brust

“Donated blood at Houchin.”
–Lauren Davin

“Having dinner with my husband and watching NCIS. We’re boring people.”
–Toni Draeger

“Well, trying to put together family photo albums.”
–Andy Sanchez

“Crocheting. OMG, I am old! And binge-watching Netflix. Completed the whole series “The Tiger King” (wow!) and all of season 3 of Ozark (WOW!), lol.”
–Lisa Isbell

“Tuesdays have been boring. Sitting at home binge watching Homeland & Ozark.”
–Don Snow

“Missing bowling but staying busy making masks for people. I’m making them (masks) for any person in need. I’m not charging for them.”
–Becky Hardwick

“Walking, hiking and working out from home. Binge watching movies on Netflix. Cooking.”
–Alex Garcia

“CVM guys are playing poker online with each other most nights including Tuesday. We started a CVM Tuesday night Facebook page and live streamed a league meeting to talk about what we need to do about the league. We decided to wait and see what happens. We will have another one in a week or two. That’s about it.”
–John Curtis

“It’s pretty quiet as I’m sure you can imagine. The CVM guys have started playing online poker a few times a week. We can at least chat amongst the group as we play cards! Still the same amount of ribbing going on as Tuesday nights, just online now!”
–Chris Gregory

“Nothing. Just at home like the rest of the days. Actually, us CVM Tourney guys have been playing a mobile online poker and a bowling game that allows up to six people to compete with each other. I will get the names of the apps.
Pokerrr2-Poker with Buddies
Bowling Online 2
And we use this to all be in a voice chat room at the same time while we are playing:
Discord – Frie
One thing about the bowling. If you bowl someone you have to throw a hook. Straight ball is too easy to score high. Also, the other bowler games only offer 1 vs 1, not 6 at one time like the one I gave you.”
–Greg Barraza, Jr.

“Watching TV. Having real dinners. However, we have a nice long hardwood floor hallway and Jack is considering what oil pattern he should apply for practicing on.”
–Jack & Michelle Dunn

“Pretty much Netflix and walking every day.”–Stephanie Sanders

AMF Southwest Lanes issued a statement, “Your health and safety are important to us, which is why, out of an abundance of caution, we are closing our centers across the country for the next 15 days beginning March 17th to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We want you to have fun, but your safety is our first priority. We appreciate your understanding and support during this time.” Scheduled time to re-open is Mon., April 13th.

League bowlers were not only alarmed this happened but being we have just seven weeks or so of winter season left, it puts all of us in panic mode. Are all league bowlers paid up to date? Will we be able to return and finish our league before Summer leagues begin (April 20th)? Should we just finish our league now? Have we done our league’s Audit yet? It should be interesting to see how this all plays out–especially since we can’t all get our league together since the centers are closed.

–Great Tip from Fred Cole

Tip of the Day: When you get back to bowling, your hand will feel like the ball belongs to someone else. Make sure you tape up the ball, especially if I’m standing behind you!

–Senate Bill Signed by President Trump Last Week Provides Lifeline to Small Businesses

Among provisions offered in the measure are:

  • One-time $1,200 checks to individuals that will provide some relief to bowling center employees and other industry works who have been laid off as centers closed across the country.
  • $367 billion in loans and grants to small businesses which should help proprietors and other businesses in the bowling industry weather the financial storm. The Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America website details how the agreement will help bowling centers and their staff members in many ways. Go to

–What’s Taking Place? What’s Cancelled??

To help bring you up to speed on what has been nationally cancelled or postponed indefinitely, here’s what we know:

–ISC/ITC Sectionals—postponed indefinitely
–USBC Senior Queens—postponed indefinitely
–USBC Masters—postponed indefinitely
–USBC Convention—postponed indefinitely
–PWBA Tour—postponed indefinitely
–USBC Queens—postponed indefinitely
–PBA Tour – scheduled to start April 6, status—on hiatus indefinitely
–Super Senior Classic—postponed until later this year
–USBC Senior Masters—postponed until later this year
–USBC Senior Championships—postponed to 2021
–PBA World Series of Bowling Finals (Storm PBA XI Animal Pattern Champ.) – postponed indefinitely (Fox Sports is planning multiple re-broadcasts of PBA World Champ, PBA Tourn. of Champions & Roth-Holman PBA Doubles Champ. finals on FS1 and FS2 (check your local listings for dates and times).
–PBA Playoffs—postponed
–PBA League Draft—postponed
–Intercollegiate Team & Singles Championships—cancelled
–2020 USBC Open & Women’s Championships—extended tentative start date to May 23, 2020. Updated reservation calendar available by March 19 which includes expanded team dates for Open Championships thru August 29, 2020. Women’s Championships will be expanded through July 31, 2020.
If you wish to withdraw from any of these events, contact 888/910-2695.

The following events are currently still planned as scheduled:
–USA Bowling National Championships (starts July 8)
–Youth Open Championships (starts July 8)
–USBC Junior Gold Championships (starts July 10)

For local tournaments, check my calendar at the end of this column on what has been cancelled to date.

–GEUSBC 2020 City Championships, originally scheduled for April 18-19 & April 25-26, will be POSTPONED until late May/early June

–Has Your League Conducted an Audit?

With only a month or so left of this Winter Season, your league President and Secretary should have formed an Audit Committee by now. This Committee cannot have a league officer serving on it. This Audit Committee is formed to do the following tasks:

  • Check league records prior to the league payout to verify league income, expenditures and balances.
  • Calculates what should be on deposit based on the actual number of bowlers in the league.
  • Reviews the pay envelopes to see if there were any vacancies, arrearages and/or prepayments which should be taken into consideration. Use the center’s lineage receipts to determine how many bowlers were paid for up to the date of the audit.
  • Checks the league bank or center league account statements to see that all deposits were made within 7 days.
  • Confirms all withdrawals have two officer signatures by looking at the withdrawal slips and/or checks or copies of checks.
  • Checks the league roster against the membership dues receipts to ensure all bowlers have current membership cards.
  • Provides a written report of the audit findings and reports any discrepancies.

This Audit Committee should be comprised of at least two people. Now with leagues unable to bowl, if this hasn’t been formed yet, it needs to be, and the Audit Committee needs to meet with the league secretary and do this audit. If your Center is closed, you will need to perform it outside at another location.

–PBA Bowling Action at Home

With league bowling non-existent for the near future, and you miss the competition of bowling, here’s a couple options. Why not try the “PBA Bowling Challenge” for mobile devices, or the new “PBA Pro Bowling” game for consoles and mobile devices? Concrete Software’s “PBA Bowling Challenge” can be downloaded at no cost at Google Play of the App Store. Millions of users currently enjoy the challenges of bowling in a variety of tournaments making equipment choices and competing for a wide range of venues.

“PBA Pro Bowling” is a newer, virtual game, offering players multi-player and tournament options. It is offered for XboxOne, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Steam platforms for $19.99. To learn more, visit:

–Local Bowling Centers

  • The BLVD! – CLOSED!!–3200 Buck Owens Blvd.,, 661/873-4477
    Military Service (Active, Reserve, Retired, Law Enforcement, Fire & First Responders) get 15% off Food, Soft Beverages, Bowling, Laser Tag, Ropes Course & Arcade Play Every Day!
    Live Music on the Patio – Every Friday from 6pm-8pm – FREE!
    Sign Up for The BLVD!’s E Club, connect with them to get exclusive offers & updates. Join via their free WiFi or fill out a card today! (Like & follow @BLVDBAKERSFIELD.)
    Monday-Thursday (Open-Close) $4.25/Game, per person
    Friday (Open-5pm) $4.25/Game, per person
    Friday (5pm-Close) $42/Hour, per lane*
    Weekends (Open-Close) $42/Hour, per lane*
    Shoes – $4/person—Socks – $2.50/pair
    *Up to (6) people per lane
  • AMF Southwest Lanes – CLOSED 15-30 Days!!–3610 Wible Road – 661/834-2695,
    Hours of Operation
    Mondays – 4pm-10pm
    Tuesdays – 4pm – 11pm
    Wednesdays – 12 noon-11pm
    Thursdays – 4pm – 10pm
    Fridays – 10am – 1am
    Saturdays – 11am – 1am
    Sundays – 12 noon – 1am Parties – Start planning an epic Bowling Bash today! Packages include: Unlimited bowling & shoe rental; Inventive menus & premium bar packages; Superior lane side service; Event planning professionals who will help you with all the details. Please speak with an event guru (661/834-2695, option #2) or visit
    Kids Custom Party Packages – Start planning your child’s party today! Packages include: Bumper Bowling and lightweight balls; Birthday cake and unlimited soft drinks; Kid-Friendly menus; Easy online booking; Event planning professionals who will help you with all the details. Please speak to our event team or book online at
    Become a MVB (Most Valuable Bowler) and get up to $20 in FREE bowling. Learn more at

ROBB’S PRO SHOP (inside AMF Southwest Lanes) – CLOSED!!–661/833-2695:
Hours of Operation
Mondays – 4pm-8pm
Tuesdays – 4pm – 8pm
Wednesdays – 12 noon – 8pm
Thursdays – 4pm – 8pm
Fridays – 12 noon – 8pm
Saturdays – 12 noon – 4pm
Sundays – Closed

  • West Side Lanes – CLOSED NEXT 2 WEEKS!!–500 Cascade Place, Bldg. D, Taft, 93268 – 661/763-4246 or 765-6677
  • Mt. Mesa Lanes – CLOSED but OPEN for To-Go Food (Wednesday-Monday)!–4612 McCray Road, Mt. Mesa, CA 93240 – 760/379-3131,
    Tournament Club – 1st Sunday of each month
    Coffee Club – 3rd Sunday of each month
  • High Desert Lanes – CLOSED!!–205 Fitzgerald Blvd., Edwards AFB, CA 93523 – 661/275-2695

–Weekly Super Scores

  • Congratulations to Patricia Alonso who recently won a Volt Solid in the CBT (Competitive Bowling Tournaments) Raffle held on March 20th!


Thurs., Apr. 2: Extended entry deadline for the 2020 CBW (Calif. Bowling Writers) Marijane Viat Writing Contest,

Sat., Apr. 4: CBT Super Pot, Surf Bowl, Oceanside–CANCELLED

Sat. & Sun., Apr. 4-5: 24th Brunswick Modesto Masters, Yosemite Lanes, Modesto—POSTPONED to July or August

Sat., Apr. 4-Jun. 28: CUSBC State Adult Championships, Forest Lanes, Lake Forest—CANCELLED

Sun., Apr. 5: JAT, USBC Nationals Challenge, Del Rio Lanes, Downey—CANCELLED

Sun., Apr. 5: NCJET, Sea Bowl, Pacifica—CANCELLED

Fri., Apr. 10: CUSBC State Nomination Form deadline,

Sat., Apr. 11: Scratch 8 Gamer, Harley’s Valley Bowl, Simi Valley—CANCELLED

Sat., Apr. 11: Silver Foxes Tourn., Sierra Lanes, Fresno—CANCELLED


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