2019 Annual League Officers Appreciation Day Recap

Below is a recap of events and discussions that transpired at our Annual League Officers Appreciation Day on August 18th, 2019 at AMF Southwest Lanes.

This meeting started with James McCarter, AMF Southwest Lanes General Manager, discussing some new regulations with league in house banking that would include the center with more information from the League Secretary. Information they are requesting is, but not limited to, the following: All team envelopes for financial records, Weekly reports from the Secretary, etc. James also went over some new upgrades coming to AMF Southwest Lanes such a renovating the current Party Room in center manager and staff offices as well as some other new and exciting upgrades to the center. Following this James took some questions from League officials and answered them. For more information on these changes, please see AMF Southwest Lanes.
Association President Zackary Long then introduced himself and went on to welcome all league officials back to another fun and exciting season. Zackary then proceeded to discuss how the Association was going to improve its communication and advertising strategies with the local membership. Primarily using social media outlets such as Facebook and the GEUSBC website.
Association Manager Nancy Weber then went on to discuss new USBC rule changes as well as reminding league secretaries to make sure all sanction cards are properly filled out so she can accurately submit said bowler’s membership to USBC, also doing so in a timely manner. Nancy then went on to discuss the new changes to Rule 18- Altering Surfaces that went into effect Aug. 1st of this year. This rule states that “While bowling in USBC sanctioned competition, a bowling ball cannot do any of the following once competition has started: 1. Have the surface altered using an abrasive (ex. Abrolan pads) 2. Be cleaned with ANY liquid substance or cleaning agent. 3. Have any foreign material on it including, but not limited to: Powder, rosin, marker or paint.
All Bowling balls so altered or cleaned during competition will not be usable until competition is over.”
Following this both Zackary and Nancy discussed that all leagues need to, per USBC League Operations Manual, form an audit committee and conduct at least one (1) audit per bowling season. This needs to be done within 30 days of the leagues end date. They both also went over that league members can and may request additional audits in writing to the league President/ Secretary-Treasurer.
For any more information on what transpired at this meeting or for any further clarification on certain items that were brought up, please email us at Info@geusbc.org.


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