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Position Title: Association Manager

Position Summary:

Association Manager is responsible for overseeing the operations of the association, providing administrative support and the coordination of services necessary to comply with USBC bylaws and policies and may require working evenings and weekends. For example: process membership, record retention, and financial stability.

Supervised By:

Reports to and is selected/hired by the board, who will allocate additional human and financial resources on a task basis as necessary. Association Manager reports to the board on a regular basis (at least quarterly); to national as requested; and to the membership at least once a year.


• Association Manager receives reports from staff and committee chairs.
• If staffed, paid clerical assistant(s) will report directly to the Association Manager.
• Volunteers assigned to support the Association Manager will report to the Association Manager for those tasks assigned by the Association Manager or association board.

Duties and Responsibilities

In addition to the mandatory requirements in the USBC Bylaws and USBC Association Policy Manual, the duties and responsibilities of this position include but are not limited to the following:

 Additional Responsibilities
 Implement directives of the association board
 Responsible for hiring and managing office staff (if appropriate)
 Responsible for membership and awards processing
 Oversee membership recruitment
 Maintain averages and yearbooks
 Oversee public relations campaigns
 Responsible for organizing special events, tournaments, clinics
 Report as necessary to those governing bodies as directed


The Association Manager should have knowledge of bowling; management, customer service, office and organizational skills; and basic computer skills. Experience with processing USBC memberships, MS Word; strong communication skills; and two years sales and marketing/public relations experience preferred; three years on a bowling association board.
Throughout employment, an individual must be approved through the Registered Volunteer Program. (Merged and Non-merged Youth associations)

Educational Requirements:

•High School diploma
•Communication training or experience
•Business management skills (finance, marketing, selling programs, organization, planning)
•Knowledge of bowling
•Interpersonal relationship skills (customer service)
•Knowledge of current technology (computers, etc.)
•Desirable, but not mandatory skills:
•Proven promotional abilities/success increasing membership/image of organization

Click this link to get the GEUSBC Association Manager Application then submit to information,

GEUSBC Association Manager Application

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