2019 3 Generation Trios Fundraiser

First off we would like to thank to all bowlers who came out to support this amazing event! It gives us so many opportunities to improve our Associations youth and their events. Congratulations to Kira Sanders, Stephanie Sanders and Lorri Howell on placing 1st! Also congratulations to Nick Saldana, Greg Hernandez and Lisa Isbell (not pictured) on placing 2nd and Tristan Perham, Mike Bost and Barb Francisco on placing 3rd. All results will be posted later tonight or tomorrow morning. Again thank you all for coming out to this event, we raised just under $1,000 for our youth! Stay tuned for more tournament announcements and other news!

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1st Queens & Princesses Singles

Congratulations to Gabriella Mayfield on placing 1st in the Queens Division and our overall tournament winner!!! Also, congratulations to Kira Sanders for placing 1st in the Princesses Division and 2nd in our overall tournament! Both ladies bowled very well in the final match, it came down to the wire!! Also, congratulations to our 2nd place finishers Joanne Grove in the Princesses Division and Becky Hardwick in the Queens Division. Again, great bowling to all of our bowlers and our finishing placing individuals!

UPDATE: Gabriella Mayfield is so generous she donated all of her winnings today to help the Junior qualifiers go to the Championships in Detroit!


Gabriella Mayfield $300.00

Kira Sanders $135.00

Joanne Grove $100.00

Becky Hardwick $75.00


Queens 1st Squad

Queens 2nd Squad

Princesses 1st Squad

Princesses 2nd Squad

2019 Golden Empire USBC City Championships
Official Results

First off we would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all the bowlers who came out and competed in our Annual City Championships! We had a total, between Singles, Doubles and Team from all 4 divisions, 211 entries!!! We are extremely proud of this years turnout! This event wouldn’t have been possible without the help from members of our board as well as anyone else who helped throughout the weekend. Click the below links for this years City Championship official results!! 

Click Here for the OPEN

Click Here for the WOMENS

Click Here for the SENIORS

Click Here for the YOUTH

Click Here for the ALL EVENTS

Click Here for the SCRATCH SIDE

Click Here for Total Payouts

2019 11th Annie Schierlitz Adult/Junior No-Tap Doubles

First, we would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all the bowlers who came out to support our local youth bowlers. We had a total of 83 Teams and 153 individual bowlers as well as raised just under $1,800 for our Youth Fund! We would also like to Thank our sponsors for the event: Steve Watanabe and Marry Sullivan (Kern Trophies) for donating the trophies, Gabby Mayfield for donating a Bowling Ball for the ball raffle, Rob’s Pro Shop for donating a $100 Gift Certificate for the raffle, and Deloris Grimsley for donating a Gift Basket for the raffle. Once again, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who came out and all who donated items and time to make this event happen! Below are the top 10 finishing teams!

*Since no one bowler could place in the top 3 twice, finshing places needed to be adjusted.*

1st- Shane Betterton and Clayton Hiles (1825)
2nd- J Marki McPherson and Zack Newman (1773)
3rd- Colby Grimsley and Barb Francisco (1681)
4th- Shane Betterton and Rick Bowman (1738)
5th- Colby Grimsley and Zack Newman (1732)
6th- Brady Mead and Clayton Hiles (1714)
7th- Shane Betterton and Russell Tweedy (1679)
8th- Mariah Roberts and John Curtis (1678)
9th- Shane Betterton and Chester Waybright (1675)
10th- Taylor Del Tiempo and Shayla Phillips-McPherson (1633)

2018 Strike Out Breast Cancer Fundraiser

 First off we would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who came out and bowled our Strike Out Breast Cancer Fundraiser! We had a total of 14 teams and payed 3 total spots! We also raised a little over $580 from the tournament and it’s raffles!! Thank you again to everyone who came out to bowl, to all the people who donated to our raffles, and to Gabby Mayfield and the staff up at Mt Mesa Lanes for having us and treating very nicely! Below are the top 3 finishing teams! 
1st- Cameron Mayson, Zack Long, Will Harman and Carlie Medina. 
2nd- Norris Richards, Lorene Elijah, Russ Tweedy and Alex Garcia.
3rd (TIE) Andrew Svoren, Terri Gamble, Dunsiha Wright and Eric Grider. Brian Christensen, Mindi Clifton, Mike Clauton and Clayton Hills.

Thank you all again!!!

2018 3 Generation Trios Youth Fundraiser

Bowlers, first we would like to thank everyone who came out and supported our local youth bowling in the inaugural 3 Generation Trios Tournament and everyone who donated prizes for our raffle! We also would like to thank all of our Board Directors for helping making this event happen. We had 25 total teams come out! And we raised just over $1,400 for our local youth program!! Here are the top 3 finishing teams!
1st- Colby Grimsley, Rahhapol Kihipraphaphay, and Brian Maurseth.
2nd- Jessica Escalera, Patricia Alonso, and Ruben Escalera.
3rd- Taylor Del Tiempo, Phil Chow, and Diz Francisco.

Again thank you all for coming out in support of our local Youth bowlers!!

2018 Bakersfield Scratch Open presented by Golden Empire USBC

First off, we would like to say Thank You to everyone who came out and bowled today. We had a total of 31 bowlers and took 3 from each squad, 6 total. The following are the top 6 finishing places. 
1st- Ramsey Basurto
2nd- Phil Chow
3rd- Jason Tehee 
4th- Zack Newman 
5th- Andrew Svoren 
6th- Rick Bowman 
We also decided to pay the top female bowler of the tournament and that was Carolea Oaks. 
Once again, thank you to everyone who came and supported us. For all of our volunteers who worked until the very end, and all others who came down to watch the fun!!
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