- Since 2004 -

Awards & Services


Our association offers the following annual local awards:

Bowler of the year, Male (may be adult or youth)

Bowler of the year, Female (may be adult or youth)

Lifetime award, 7/10 split conversion

GEUSBC Hall of Fame, superior performance, if any qualified applicants

GEUSBC Hall of Fame, meritorious service, if any qualified applicants

Our association offers the following local league awards:

Clean Game, once per season

Stair Step


What our association does for our local bowlers:
1. Checks and certifies all bowling lanes
2. Processes all league sanction applications to the United States
Bowling Congress
3. Promotes and conducts association tournaments 
4. Distributes league supplies to all league secretaries 
5. Maintains individual records of all members 
6. Interprets rules and guidance to assist members and leagues in settling problems 
7. Conducts hearings relative to infraction of USBC and local association rules
8. Promote and assists with Youth Bowling development in our sphere of influence 
9. Publishes annual book showing averages of USBC sanctioned bowlers for winter summer season leagues 
10. Processes all USBC awards and distributes to the league secretary
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